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New ProMAXX Tool Dodge/RAM 6.4L HEMI Broken Exhaust Manifold Bolt Repair ProKit

May 11, 2023

ProMAXX Tool introduces its latest innovation for repairing broken exhaust manifold bolts on Dodge/RAM 6.4L HEMI V8 Gas Engines, Model Name Chad (PMXCD200PRO). This comprehensive and easy-to-use repair kit allows technicians to quickly and accurately remove and repair broken exhaust manifold bolts. With a focus on book time saved, return on investment, and increased productivity, these kits can make the repair in less than 15 minutes per bolt.

Like all ProMAXX Tool Exhaust Manifold Repair (EMR) kits, the HEMI 6.4L EMR Kit stands out for its exclusive screw-in bushings and proprietary mating angles, which ensure perfect alignment with the cylinder head. This level of accuracy and precision sets ProMAXX Tool Kits apart from other products on the market, which rely on inexpensive clamps or loose slip-fit bushings.

"ProMAXX Tool is committed to providing the most precise repair kit with machine-shop-grade tooling and solutions for our customers. And, this new HEMI kit is no exception," said Jeffrey Del Rossa, Milton Industries Specialty Tool Group General Manager. "Our patented, made-in-the-USA kits offer the fastest, easiest, and most precise repair experience, allowing technicians to beat the book time on all exhaust manifold repairs. By saving time and increasing productivity, these kits provide an excellent return on investment."

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