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SANDY MAIN: Once Upon a Daily

May 12, 2023

By Sandy Main | on June 07, 2023

The fire department review on Friday last was a great success. The hose company is in new dress, caps with gilt band and red shirts, altogether presenting a fine appearance. The engine never gave better exhibition of its capabilities. The engine was stationed at the tank near George Slawson's drug store whence for a time threw two streams, one from a nozzle at a point on Cass Street a little west of the Independent office, and the other from a nozzle in front of Keith's Exchange. The stream on Cass Street wet the roof on the Potter three-story brick while the other stream was played on the roof of the Exchange hotel. The review was witnessed by a large number of people who freely expressed great satisfaction with this exhibition showing such commendable efficiency in the fire department.

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