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FDIC Int'l 2023 Postscript: Ray McCormack Talks HEN Nozzles Outside the ICC

May 10, 2023

At FDIC International 2023, HEN Nozzles advisor and retired FDNY Lieutenant Ray McCormack led a demonstration into the latest in firefighting nozzle technology in the Indianapolis Convention Center's open air lot with the world's first adjustable smooth-bore nozzle.

Whether it's an aggressive interior structure attack or progressive wildland hose lead, HEN’S superior water placement suppresses fire faster, hence conserving water. HEN's patented technology uses fundamentals of fluid dynamics and thermal management to create high efficiency firefighting nozzles. They are designed to allow the firefighter to alter the solid stream into a wide in-line blade pattern while minimizing the disruption of the thermal balance.

Whether it's an aggressive interior attack on a structure fire or a progressive wildland hose lead, HEN’S Superior Water Placement suppresses fire faster, leading to a reduction in water usage.

With research backed by the National Science Foundation and nozzle designs vetted by distinguished fire department leaders, HEN's patented technology is the first major innovation in fire suppression tools in over five decades.

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