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I'm a cosmetic injector

May 17, 2023

HANDS up if you've got certain rituals or products you swear by to help stop signs of ageing.

Well, according to cosmetic injector, they could actually be making you look 10 years older.

Beauty whizz Nicole Smith, 45, shares five things people do that instantly age them - and it's not good news if you like wearing a hat.

The aesthetic physician assistant begins: "Hats look cute and give you some style, but the brim of your hat is creating shadows on your face.

"A hat will enhance your dark circles under your eyes and create more shadowing on your smile lines and your marionette lines."

Next up on her list of things that may be ageing you is coffee.

"This is a diuretic that will actually dehydrate your skin and make it look more dry," she says, in the clip shared to TikTok.

"If you're going to drink coffee, make sure you stay really hydrated so your skins remains nice and bouncy."

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Nicole goes on to advise steering clear of "too much filler."

She explains: "Subtle enhancements in areas of volume loss will make you look younger, but once you start to overdo it with your dermal fillers, this can actually age you.

"Too much filler will make people guess your age, and they're typically going to guess that you look 10 years older.

"It can also give your face a more harsh or masculine appearance."

Meanwhile, a fourth factor that Nicole notes could be ageing you is being on your phone.

"When you're on your phone and your chin is down, you're going to lose that youthful jawline, so keep your shoulders back and your chin up," she says.

The beauty guru concludes by warning that brittle eyelashes can age you by up to a decade.

"Wearing lash extensions or doing an eyelash growth serum does make you look much younger," she warns.

It wasn't long before the post racked up a whopping 134k views and several comments, with many quick to admit where they're going wrong.

"Never looks at phone in public again," joked one.

A second quipped: "Not me drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day."

A third penned: "I ran to the comments to see who else panicked about coffee/caffeine."

Elsewhere, others were full of praise for Nicole's youthful looks.

"You look 18," praised one.

Another enthused: "You look great!"

And a further added: "I thought you was in your 20s."

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