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Canadian wildfire smoke not as bad in NH as other parts of Northeast

Mar 06, 2023

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The impact of smoke from the wildfires in Canada is not as bad Wednesday in New Hampshire as in other parts of the Northeast.

Locally, the air quality is improving in New Hampshire compared to Tuesday.

The heavy smoke due to the wildfires is really having an impact on people in its path.

While we had a smoky sky Tuesday, it's not as problematic over New Hampshire with low pressure shifting to the west that has allowed the plume of smoke to also shift west, coming down off the northerly winds.

The smoke is centered over places like northern Pennsylvania, New York State and parts of New Jersey, as opposed to parts of New England.

The low-pressure system is going to stick around.

While it's been good for our air quality, it's not up to par for anyone hoping to return to summer warmth and sun.