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California gas station transforms into Cheez

Sep 03, 2023

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You won't have to spend that much cheddar for a cheesy snack at this gas station.

A new gas station that opened up in Joshua Tree, California, doesn't pump gasoline, but rather Cheez-It crackers.

The snack-themed outpost, meant to fuel snack cravings while behind the wheel, is set to run for just one week, reports local media outlet KTLA 5.

Located about 128 miles away from Los Angeles and about 168 miles from San Diego, the famous Twentynine Palms Highway has been converted into "the biggest, cheesiest roadside attraction to ever grace America's beloved highways and byways."

Pictures from the Instagram-worthy rest stop show users filling up red and gold duffels with bags of the square crackers pumped out of a nozzle.

"We know many Cheez-It fans love to travel and they never hit the road without their beloved Cheez-It," brand senior director Erin Storm said in a statement. "We created this brand-first desert outpost to capture the excitement of summer road trips and encourage fans who Want It. Need It. Cheez-It. to fuel up throughout their adventures.

"The Cheez-It Stop will wow with exclusive merch, massive, sharable Cheez-It visuals and aisles stocked with our famous crackers — we can't wait to see you there."

The Post reached out to the Kellogg Company for comment.

Found a Cheez-It gas station. Had to pull over! ⛽️ @cheezit

One influencer managed to capture some footage of the rest stop, including the "World's first and only" Cheez-It pump.

The station also includes a giant Cheez-It box, as well as a giant bearded man holding a gas pump with the snack's logo on it.

According to a press release issued by the company, the pop-up started Monday and will be open to the public through June 11.

There is no indication from the snack company if they plan to replicate the pop-up anywhere else in the US.

The delicious snack is not the first brand to transform a location into a self-promoting store.

In May, New York City's Seaport was given a Malibu makeover to promote the new "Barbie" movie.

"Every detail has been thoughtfully designed to celebrate the iconic Barbie style, with nostalgic details fans will love," Julie Freeland, senior director of location-based entertainment at toymaker Mattel, told The Post.

The "Barbie" cafe is set to run through Sept. 17.

New York also played host to a "Golden Girls"-themed eatery set to capture 1980s Miami, which "transports guests into the world of this endearing fan favorite."

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