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BAK Food Equipment Launches Nowicki’s Range of Injectors

May 27, 2023

Image courtesy of BAK Food Equipment

BAK Food Equipment now offers Nowicki's range of injectors in North America. There is a Nowicki injector for applications from boneless red meat to whole fish. The line of brine injectors includes the Basic MHM Series and the MH Series.

MHM brine injectors are designed for simple brine injection applications. These are available with two-, three- and four-needle injection heads and injection head strokes of 4, 8 and 10 inches. MHM Series injectors also feature a power transmission system and a high-efficiency stainless-steel centrifugal pump for smooth brine pressure control.

MH Series single- and multiple-head brine injectors with servo automatic system (SAS) functionalities provide a controlled injection process, offering consistent injections with continuous real-time monitoring of brine makeup, volume, temperature and injection timing for correction of any deviations.

MH-424 SAS brine injectors add integrated weighing operations for advanced injection processes. The weighing system with SCADA integration leverages two weigh stations on either side of the injection zone to continuously measure the weight of the raw material on the conveyor. The system records raw material weight, expressed as a percentage increase, for maximum insight into, and control over, injection.

All Nowicki injectors from BAK Food Equipment offer easy-to-remove injector heads for fast cleaning.

Nowicki injector lines are available from BAK Food Equipment with a range of capacities, individual configurations and accessories.